Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Barcelona 2018

Ola from Barcelona... this is a more detailed overview & my personal experiences on Euro18 trip:  8 cities in 24 days.

With the realization about 5 years ago that my overseas trips were causing my eco-footprint to triple, I decided to stop annual airline travels.  so  in - walking my talk - this is the first time I've been on an airplane in 3 years - since the Camino of 2015.  And here I am in Barcelona EXACTLY 3 years later.  A Camino friend reminded me that we met in Pamplona on the Camino on February 22, 2018.  I will be meeting with him in five days in Cologne.

The Norwegian airline flight from Oakland to BCN was non-eventful and actually painless... 9.4 hours instead of 12... but OH my leg... pulled the hamstring from sitting and it was painful walking around.  much better this morning... 30+ minutes with minimal limp... taking it easy today.
this was also my first flight outside of the 'Alliance' airlines - so no spoiled rotten traveler stuff for me for the first time in 30+ years...
So the first downer was to forget my smartphone and all it's updated systems for traveling AND more importantly the utter conevience of a pocket size with infinite info... but I'm quickly getting over that!   The first big upside was my son driving me to the airport and a wonderful conversation on the way.  thanks buddy!

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and people friendly cities in the world. (much less being home to the storied 3-headed front line of the Bacelona Fusball team!)  The old cobblestone narrow streets, 1000s of years young and colorful people strolling along everywhere - amazingly designed & function for humans rather than cars.

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